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An idea…  Might not be too new but still

April 4, 2016

I want to propose a law that stipulates that any religious organization that promotes anything that pretends to be based on a “deeply held religious belief” but is in reality a back door way to legally allow for discrimination based on sexual preferences that these churches and or organizations lose their non profit status. Boom – start fully paying all taxes on your property, your income, your everything…AND get audited annually for five years once your non profit stays goes away. If you are able to get the nonprofit status back, the audit dynamic stays in place for 5 years after to make sure everything is kosher. I mention this as I am reminded that some bakery business wanted to be allowed to not bake a cake for a couple getting married. It seems that they couldn’t find it in their heart to bake a cake for these folks as they happened to be a couple that was of the same gender. They said that it is against their deeply held regions belief that they simply couldn’t bake for them. Never mind that these same folks claim to be followers of Jesus. You know, the dude who hung out with prostitutes, beggars, lepers, and thieves. He felt it was exactly where he needed to be spending his time feeding these folks and washing their feet from time to time as well. But these folks can’t bake a flipping cake for these folks because they’re gay. Heaven forbid….

And let’s take a closer look at the dynamic of being a non profit religious organization. That means they are by default, getting federal funding or subsidies for their operations. As such, this means they are getting public money in a round about way. Public money means public scrutiny is in order. This scrutiny will come in the form of having all employees and board members submit to drug testing in order to maintain their non profit status. Seems reasonable to me if these groups are all advocating for drug testing for folks getting funding for things like food stamps and or funds for needy families. I would equate this with being in line with the equal application of law for all. Sounds like a 14th amendment case if ever there was one.

The second they start squawking about it being a violation of their privacy tell them that it’s simply a situation where the public’s need to know far out weighs their need for privacy and we are being good stewards of our nations resources.

Seeing as this concept of “deeply held religious beliefs” is the most recent rationalization for denying services to folks who may or may not be gay, my “deeply held religious belief” that obeying ALL of the 10 Commandments, any time anyone in these organizations is found to be in violation of one of the 10 Commandments, the non profit status is gone for the whole organization. Seems perfectly reasonable to me…

I’ll get to work on a few more of these ideas and post them this week. Feel free to send me some suggestions and to tell me of your “Deeply held religious beliefs” that are being ignored or possibly violated. Remember, it needs to be a “deeply held religious belief” in order to qualify for inclusion here. I am not limiting anyone here based on religion mind you but some of these organizations might want to not be so inclusive. No worries. Zen, Druids, Hindu, satanism, whatever your religion may be I am confident there is some deeply held religious belief that is being trampled by someone out there. Jump on this bandwagon and let’s get you properly protected from discrimination….


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