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Just a quick thought or three…

March 18, 2016

Good Morning to all who have given me their time to read some of my random thoughts…

While I have been writing many things for many years, I am finally getting a little more organized in my writing and hopefully I will be better or maybe more efficient in how I utilize this space and more importantly, your time.  With that in mind, I am being bold and direct here in asking if there is some range of topics you might like me to explore on these pages.  While I admit to being somewhat wordy in anything I do write, I like to think I am equally competent in my efforts as well.  So with those disclaimers fully out there, suggest away and I will make every effort to explore the ideas offered to the best of my abilities.
I am also welcome to suggestions as to how to best utilize this WordPress site and app on my iPad Pro or my 13″ MBP.  I mention those 2 items shamelessly not as a product endorsement (Apple does not need my free advertising in any way shape or form)  but more to share a small insight to who I am.  I am a card carrying Mac – Apple slut and I pretty much loath anything Windows based.  I like Microsoft Word and the various other productivity applications as they are very effective in helping me get things done.  What I loath, and I mean LOATH is the machine that they are most often associated with in their day to day use.  I love my computer and I love working WITH my Apple stuff.  I hate working ON any of these devices if and when they are under the weather.  Those tasks are for the IT department and I am a company of me.  So on the rare occasion that my Apple something device is tits up, I call Apple support and they wave their magic wand and presto chango, it is fixed. I have owned a Mac – Apple something pretty much exclusively since 1984 and I have spent a total of $200 on repairs on these gadgets.  That’s 5 computers in some 30 plus years, many iPhones and or iPads along the way, and I have had to pay for one repair.  One.  And that was on a 27″ iMac that had the warranty and service plan expire about 3 months prior to the issue.  The issue was smoke and the source was a combination of lack of me tending to cleaning out the dust and the heat making for a wonderful little smoking event which killed the power supply.  The power supply replacement and labor included was a total of $200 and it was as good as new.  I did have multiple Windows based machines in the house during this same period and lost a few power supplies with them as well.  I was able to replace the dead power supply unit myself most times and the expense was not too terrible.  I think the most expensive unit was about $75 or so and that was for a Dell XPS gaming system with all sorts of bells and whistles.  Again though, the point here is multiple needed repairs and constant software disruptions over all those years on the Windows based machines and one repair on the Mac gizmos.  That is my basis for my Mac-Apple snobbery.  If any of you want to debate the overall flexibility and ease of making each machine exactly what you want, save your breath and or typing as I don’t care.  I am not one who wants to EVER open up any of my gadgets.  I want to open the box, go WOW and plug the bad boy in, and get to making things, writing things, surfing the web for things I should not be looking at, spending way too much time on Facebook,,, and YouTube.  Beyond that, I’m good.  And to all you folks who know how to do those amazing things inside of a computer, thank god you are out there because for every one of you there are some 30 folks like me who have eyes that glaze over the instant you say “giga-smartz wazoo ram with a digi vidia turbo power through put bandwidth thingy” as if everyone knows exactly what you are speaking about.  I assure you, most folks want to run as far away from you as possible but they too know that while they may be able to turn on the tv in their living room, they still can not figure out how to connect their blue ray to record their favorite episode of The Big Bang Theory.  And I’m pretty sure most folks can’t record with their blu Ray machine but it’s coming soon…Just as soon as the Windows folks increase the DDRAM capacity on their tower machines with external whammy bars and internal snickers fritz rejuvenators.  With my Apple goodies, I don’t care.  I turn it on and I am one happy dude being all snob like knowing I paid 2 to maybe 3 times as much as the Windows folks.  And that’s ok.

OK, that paints the picture of who I am and how I look at some things.  Now feel free to suggest topics and we’ll see what happens next.  Later…Pete   


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